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I'm Monique,18 &from Jersey.& I'm taken.
I usually post some pretty sweet stuff like neat facts,lovey dovey stuff, etc so stay tuned!!
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Left You the Light On

She Inside is an online store that sells a huge variety of clothes that are trendy and affordable! I know that a lot of you guys are all over the place, and the shipping prices are awesome. 
Need something for summer weather? They have it. Need something for winter weather? They have it. Need something for just everyday wear? They’ve. Got. It. The selection of clothes is unreal. 
After logging onto their site, I found quite a few things(in the photo) right off the bat that I would wear 24/7. There’s the absolutely adorable Apricot Sleeveless Floral Print Dress on the left, and the to-die-for J’Aime la Vie Long Sleeved Loose Shirt on the right! 
I found all sorts of cute things after just a few minutes on their site & I’ll be posting more of them coming up! 
Click here to be directed to their site, lovelies! <3